Andy and Anna Laurin

Andy and Anna Laurin. Even their names are a lovely pair!

The weather on the day of this session decided to do wonderful things– like drop 10 degrees :). We didn’t sweat torturously in the Mississippi heat which, I believe, was at least partly why they look so ravishing and in love ;). The other part is because Andy and Anna Laurin are perfectly paired just like their name(!!!).

This couple. “A machine” in the kitchen, they told me… Andy grows his own food. What? I aspire to such heights of human purity! He plays guitar, she plays piano– oh and the best part– I’ll just quote Anna Laurin ’cause it’s my favorite: “Images from our wedding day are ones we will treasure always, show our children and grandchildren, and have hanging in our homes through the years. They will be a reminder and memento of the day we entered a sacred covenant – that’s not something we take lightly!

I mean C’MON. This is why I feel like the most honored person ever doing what I do. April 1, 2017 will be a day I look forward to with these cuties.


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