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Brandon and Jordyn


well… it’s been approximately 8,000 years since i last blogged. it’s a crying shame! i gotta say… March was a WHIRLWIND of busyness. i’m grateful that i have a nice break until my next wedding. you just don’t realize how awesome Saturdays are until you never have a free one:P. michael and i will be planning short vacation for the end of May and I’M SO EXCITED. there is much to look forward to. although life has been chaos the past month, it has been equally as beautiful. and by beautiful, i mean the joyful moments and the painful moments. each are beautiful and for a purpose. i’ve had my share of crying into the shower head (try it, it’s awesome) and i’ve had my share of intense, divine joy.  i’m constantly reminded of how blessed i am. even just opening my fridge to see it full of yummy food. i’m so blessed. ever have those days? where the blessing counter in your brain redlines? it’s nice.

although i could dive deeper into my life’s details, i’ll refrain because this is my photography blog, right?:)

May 17th will be a special day for two people. Brandon and Jordyn. We trekked out to “The Camp” which was home to their first kiss, family gatherings, and friend hangouts into the wee hours. Jordyn is delightfully detail oriented  with a dash of Chill. It’s really quite nice and I know we will work well together. And Brandon is my cousin! He’s the mastermind behind a lot of the delicious food at The Fried Green Tomato in D’Iberville. His parents, my aunt and uncle, own it. Want to taste the best fried chicken on the coast? Visit them!!

Cheers to these two; I’m so honored to have been hired by them and to document their special day.





Frazier Family


I love shooting family portraits. I love capturing life as it happens… the ordinary, the every-day. Not super posed but full of moments. Enjoy this new family of 3.




Jacee Grace//Infant Session

I’m so glad I’ve FINALLY got this blog post up… I’ve been having some issues over here with my blog and it has put me quite behind:)i love sharing recent work… and I’ve got plenty to share very soon! weddings, families, babes.

Meet Jacee and her awesome parents Todd and Stephanie. Jacee is one of my Baby Plans– she was so pleasant to photograph. i love infant sessions… i love taking my time and chatting with moms and hearing how they’re doing. Not only do I learn a lot but I enjoy listening and laughing and helping as much as I can to make that day go smooth since the first weeks of baby life is no small feat. You are awesome Stephanie. Absolutely amazing. And Todd, it’s clear that Jacee has an equally as amazing dad– even if you are obsessed with WWE (now all the inter web knows).

Enjoy xo