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Sometimes you just have to grab a few of your favorites (Christine and Mallory) and shoot for fun and on a whim.

Weddings are a beautiful thing. While their purpose is to create one person out of two loving people, its memory and sanctity is often elevated by the support of those who hold the couple dear– that’s why we thought photographing A Bride and Her Girls was a lovely thought to bring to life. Don’t you agree?


Florals-The Petaler Co.

Makeup-Mallory the Makeup Artist

Dresses-Mary Kendall from Bella Bridesmaids Mobile

Models-Bella, Kaelan, Alex


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Courtney and Loren just had their wee one make his appearance and all of the squishy faced pictures have me so excited to meet my own little dude. Courtney and I set out months ago to capture some portraits of her as she carried Levi and I thought we’d celebrate his arrival with some throwbacks to his previous home! 😉

Courtney, you looked stunning and your outfit choices were so perfect!


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I’ve got this lovely couple’s wedding at the end of this year and I couldn’t be more elated! I just love spring-time engagement sessions. The sun is so golden, it’s not too hot. I will admit the mosquitos at this river location were intense, but nothing we all couldn’t handle and goodness, you can’t even tell Ryan and Dannah were swatting those pesky bugs away! Such are the woes of southern sessions.


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In December I shot a gorgeous wedding for Molly and Brett– and met this beautiful family in the process.

Spring Sessions have been a dream this year, I can’t even put it into words. Maybe it’s the plunge I took into film, maybe it’s the amazing clients I have. Probably both:)My goal and passion is to create meaningful images for you. Spring isn’t over yet– let’s shoot before it gets too sweltering, ha.


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This shoot is as oozy with southern yummy as a bourbon pecan pie.

Exhibit A: Judson Thornton Tucker, the dashing gentleman’s NAME. I mean, come on. You can’t get any more southern than that. Exhibit B: his grandma’s stunning home where we shot last. Exhibit C: all of this done in a quiet part of Meridian Mississippi. Of course, there’s not many loud parts of Meridian– but it was perfectly perfect from Dunn’s Falls to a golden field with all their love up in it. 😉


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