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as promised, another family session:)because i do love them, SO much. Kiera was adventurous and energetic and silly and loving in this session; I’m so glad Joni and Jonathan just let her be herself, not forcing her to sit for portraits the entire time and do things her little body just couldn’t handle doing. So we went with her energy and made it fun; I was so happy with the results.

This was the Aevermann’s LAST session with me *cue tears.

Keesler AFB brings so many amazing people into my life. I’m so… so grateful to have had the chance to document their family from maternity up until this session. So much change in so little time. I pray nothing but blessing over this family.

Enjoy xo


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This is the first of several family sessions I’ve planned to share; the Fraziers have allowed me to document their family for a year now and I’ve enjoyed every second.

Spring is FINALLY here and with it comes blooms and beautiful blue skies (well… except for today :)). If your family is in need of updated family portraits, it makes my heart very happy to make that happen. For April I will be offering my services with the packages at the end of this post, and after that, I will be introducing a new experience for families that I hope you will invest in and enjoy.

Contact me at hello@paigereaux.com to book



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I love couples. I love them. Photographing them gets my gears going. Love is my favorite, especially wedding love. I know this sounds cheesy and every photographer says it but partnering with couples to celebrate one of the sweetest days of their lives is insanely cool. Truth is truth, no matter how much it is said, and however trite people believe it to be; i just think it’s neat I’m not the only one who considers this an honor. So to all my photographers out there who genuinely ADORE what they do… go us!;)

The engagement session is no less amazing than the actual wedding day. Photographing Tommy and Shelby and getting to know them was easy. Her laugh and his smile lines are THE BEST EVER.


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My friends are so good looking!

Robby and Chelse and baby Anderson, I pray nothing but blessing over y’all.

Enjoy these few favorites I had while culling!





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I sort of already had a peek on Facebook for Dan + Tracy but… my blog needed some of their loveliness:)This wedding was held at The Venue in Hattiesburg and what a fantastic backdrop for a wedding!





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