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I’m beyond excited to work with Katie and Seth this year! Here’s why… they’re totally into each other and are so good at making anything fun. Seth makes Katie laugh, a lot. It’s the best. I forgot my light meter in my car and had to walk back and I could hear Katie laughing from 100 feet away! Just pure joy. Thank you, lovebirds, for letting me be a part of your story.

enjoy xo


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Sometimes I force my friends in front of the camera. Hannah is quite the beauty, as you can see, and her sweet heart is just as beautiful. She feels deeply, loves deeply, and when she can’t stop talking it makes me laugh because she says crazy stuff and it’s wonderful.  She is your preppy fashion blogger without the blogging! Oh I could go on and on.

A profound sage once said it so flawlessly: “iiiiisn’t she loooooovely?”

Enjoy! xo




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I was so thrilled when I received an email from Mandy requesting a fall mini session. I just love photographing this couple! It wasn’t very long ago that they said “I do” and they wanted to celebrate 6 months with some cozy, sweet photos.



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I loved being able to welcome this fun family to Ocean Springs– this summer they made the trek from Texas to OS and we are happy to greet them with warm Tato Nut and hellos:)


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