DIY Pom Pom Party

This little shin dig was just all around great. Some of my bridesmaids got to meet the ones they didn’t know, we had FREE newk’s from my brother, and delectable cupcakes. What’s a party without cupcakes.

I told them that I’m pretty positive that if everyone there was like me, same personality (which is, I don’t know, stale? hahaha) it would have been a BOOOOORING party. Seriously. Ashley and Natalie gave us lots of laughs. And I’m glad I have photos of these memories!

DIY fabric bows. by the way… I bought my very first hot glue gun to make these. HMMM, moving up into domestic womanhood?!

My BFF and her special cupcake and silver plate. 😉 Nat is wonderful to the core. So filled with character and confidence.

Free Newk’s. Whatup. Chicken salad. Whatup. Never knew I liked it. Whatup.

Ash Hobs is much fun and sil! As she would say. Because she abbrevs ev.

Elaine is helping me with planning. She’s amazing.

this following photo is Brandy, my sister (matron of honor). she has a gem of a smile. she’s hard to get photos of; she’s one of those camera dodgers. but i’m sneaky.

Natalie’s niece! so beautiful!

And this is my niece… Alexis. Junior bridesmaid. Sportin’ some feathers.

Jess is my newest bridesmaid. She’s very very very very special to me!!

Shelby, junior bridesmaid!

… making this photo made me so nervous for natalie.

Brandon came in and casually informed us that we were making loofah’s, NOT pom pom’s.

Katherine Reaux! My new sister. Bridesmaid also 🙂

Natalie was a pro pom pom maker.

Natalie took this. She calls this… “scissors”. Profound.

Natalie also took this one. She calls this one “laughing through tulle”. Profound as well.

we hate making pom poms now!! 🙂

THIS… THIS PHOTO. ashley hobson! this describes her!

And now… the fruit of our labor 🙂

these will be strung from things. yup.

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